Saturday, January 8, 2011


Welcome to the first Norbaini Cakes homeclass which was on  
New Year's Day!

 Its a holiday for most everyone else, but some people took the holiday for the opportunity to visit Chef Baini to learn cake decoration. Chef Baini is delighted though, as she enjoys teaching as much as meeting new people for the first time.

Appropriately, the class was on the Cupcake Hantaran and no less than four people spent the new year with Chef Baini learning how to make the cupcake hantaran. You know, Chef Baini is a little old fashioned when it comes to teaching baking and cake decoration. She believes in hands-on instruction and constant vigilance to ensure her charges learn what they are here to learn. Its just hard work and repeated practice that makes for perfection.

 So in this light, Chef Baini thought it to be a novel idea to have pictures of the class in black & white! Did you know that when the first camera was invented over a hundred years ago, it was called the daguerreotype. Why it was called type was probably because it was a kind of print. Probably!

 If you were born before 1978, you would remember the black and white television, and if you watched TV then, these pictures were the kinds you would be seeing...

 Bring back memories, doesn't it?

Whoops! Trust someone to call Chef Baini on the handphone while class is in session! Its part of modern living in the 21st century...its what you might call the frequent interruption hazard!

 You've seen the cupcake hantaran being done many times before, 
so Chef Baini will not bore you with the step-by-step pictures. 
Instead, we will cut to the chase and get straight to it. 
First up we have the famous Kak Ita, and these are her handiwork....

Next, we have Naz who came with her little princess.....
Chef Baini is inclined to believe that most little girls 
idolise their mothers thus it's only natural that
they will want to tag along with their mumsies...

But when the little princess grow up to be teenagers,
things may change a bit! Hopefully not, though!

Then there is Kak Mia whom has the distinction of being the first student 
of Norbaini Cakes for the Year 2011! Congratulations!
She arrived half-an-hour before the doors opened for business...

But unfortunately for all you readers and followers,
Kak Mia is very shy and did not want to be photographed. 
Good thing her cupcakes did not mind being
photographed at all!

As is Laily, who is just as shy. The Babams was wondering,
do shy people come in pairs? Luckily her cupcakes
were agreeable to appear here on Norbaini Cakes!

 That's all for New Year's Day, dear friends. Hope you had 
fun reading today's blog! See you real soon, ok?

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