Saturday, January 8, 2011


Salam, Dear Friends!

Chef Baini is delighted to be back with another blog post. Today, Chef Baini
had just 2 students who wanted to learn 
wedding cakes made covered with buttercream.
Thus today Chef and family welcomed  
Kak Faridah and Hana into their home.

Buttercream tastes really delicious but they are rather fattening 
(if you have seen the Babams lately, you will understand why!), but 
buttercream is very cumbersome to make. Usually most things 
that are worthwhile doing take a world of while to do!

 As you can see, Chef Baini is a little amused at seeing
her two students discover that making the buttercream
isn't exactly what they thought it would be!

 Too late to back out now! Anyone who knows Chef Baini will know
that is either Chef Baini's way or the highway!

 Like Chef Baini as mentioned a wee bit earlier,
things that are worthwhile to do
take a world of while to do!
Just look at the beautiful flowers crafted by
these two lovely ladies....

 At the end of the evening, the two ladies
outdid themselves with their masterpieces...
See for yourself....

 Kak Faridah opted to go all the way before
she hit the highway....She plonked as many
buttercream flowers on her cake as she could!

 Well done, Kak Faridah!

 Not to be left out, here is Hana's cake...

Hana preferred to use her flowers sparingly but each flower 
is accented on the rim of the petals with a 
bit of gold. It turned out just as nice,
wouldn't you agree? Good job, Hana!

Chef Baini congratulates her two students for 
having the stamina and the patience to put up with 
Chef Baini's Gordon Ramsay style of teaching! 
Only Chef Baini is a lot more polite than Chef Ramsay!

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