Saturday, January 8, 2011

READING by AR Ammons

Archibald Reynold Ammons, North Carolina USA. 1926-2001

AR Ammons

It's nice
after dinner
to walk down to
the beach

and find
the biggest
thing on earth
relatively calm.


Welcome once again to another Norbaini Cakes blog post! Today, Chef Baini would like to start with a really short poem by AR Ammons, a poet who is famous for his really, really short poems. In fact, he has a book titled "The Really Short Poems of AR Ammons" which is one of Chef Baini's favourite poetry chapbooks. By the way, a chapbook is a really small book that contains just poems. Which is fine for Chef Baini who isn't a really, really large-sized person herself!

'Reading' by AR Ammons is indeed a short poem made up of a few words, but it leaves you with a deep, deep impression, doesn't it?



Today's blog is just a simple one on Chef Baini's latest work. 
A Cookie Cache And Cookie Bouquet
ordered by Adila

Now the Fancy Cookies can be bundled into a cookie bouquet, complete with a flowerpot! The lady who made this order wanted to give the Cookie Bouquet as a 'Hantaran' or wedding gift. As you might have expected, the flowerpot is a Styrofoam dummy but the cookies are indeed real!

And they can be served on little serving plates, served 'tapas' style for your uptown tea party!

A Birthday And Farewell Sort Of Cake
ordered by Mai from Kemaman

Now the next commission is an interesting and challenging one... A young lady whom Chef Baini has not met before contacted Chef Baini and wanted a special kind of cake, that is a birthday and farewell sort of cake. You see, her colleague and friend Azrul was leaving the company where they worked and his last day coincidentally fell on his birthday too. You might say that his last day fell on his first day! So everyone at the office chipped in and organised a 2-in-1 party and they needed a special cake to fit the occasion.The requirements were that the cake must have something to do with rugby and something to do with welding. Here you can figure out that birthday boy Azrul is a welder who loves rugby! After cracking her head for a few days, Chef Baini came up with an idea for a cake that resembles a rugby field with a broken goal post and a welder fixing the bar with his trusty torch.

Not at all acquainted with the manly art of welding, Chef Baini had to do quick research on what welders wear and look like. Thank goodness for Google search images!

While you're at it Azrul, maybe you should mow the grass down a bit, for it does look a little long! By the way Azrul, you should thank your friend and soon-to-be-ex-colleague Mai, for coming down all the way from Kemaman, Terengganu to find Chef Baini just so you can have this unique one-of-a-kind birthday cum farewell cake! Happy birthday, Azrul and all the best, yeah!

All too soon we've come to the end of today's blog post. Since we started today's post with a really, really short poem by AR Ammons, maybe it would be novel to end with another one of his really, really short poems. Chef Baini thinks its really, really funny! It's called:

Their Sex Life
AR Ammons

One failure
On top
Of another.


Chef Baini hopes that will put a smile on your face!

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