Thursday, February 3, 2011


Salam, Dear Friends!

Welcome to another edition of NORBAINI CAKES blogspot!

Today, Chef Baini would like to take a break from blogging about cakes and baking; instead Chef Baini will share her recent shopping adventure at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Shopping Mall, one of the largest and newest shopping destination in Malaysia.

It started innocently enough; Chef Baini & husband sneaked out of the home away from their kids one Saturday afternoon. They decided to do a 'sneak date', a quick getaway and back to their home before the kids will notice they were gone. So there was the happy couple, moseying on floor to floor while trying to decide where to eat whence they came upon the OGAWA boutique at the 6th floor.

The Babams noticed the young salesman gesturing friendlily and gesticulating with an odd looking device in his hand. Naturally curious, The Babams persuaded Chef Baini to spend a few minutes to check it out.

 The nice and polite young man introduced himself as Mr. X (not his real name, which have been changed to protect his identity). He immediately launched his sales pitch extolling the virtues of the hand-held masseuse machine. Then something in the background caught The Babams' eye: the latest and bestest new fangled massage chair by Ogawa, called the Generation 3 chair ( or something to that effect).

Mr.X explained that this latest machine had a new feature called the zero gravity position, which is akin to floating in thin air being completely weightless! Mr. X claimed that the research for this new feature was based on data obtained from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known to the world as NASA. When The Babams heard that, he immediately ordered Chef Baini to get in the chair for a demo session!

Now it was Mr. X's duty to explain in detail on the workings of this machine. In this picture above, Mr. X explained the options and choices available for selection to obtain the desired massage effects...

Luckily for Chef Baini, a friend of hers showed up with her family; it was none other than Wawa from Klang, Selangor. Wawa took the opportunity to record Chef Baini's demonstration session with her handy camera phone!

Houston, we are GO for launch!

Mr. X starts the countdown for launch and despite his solid assurances, Chef Baini is understandably nervous! If anyone was enjoying himself at this point, it was The Babams!

...3-2-1- Liftoff!

Chef Baini's worries proved to be totally unfounded! As the machine buzzed and whirred into life, a wide smile grew across Chef Baini's face!

Mr. X was expecting the reaction from Chef Baini, for he has been through this many, many times before. He then made a few adjustments to give CB the range of the Ogawa experience!

Ahhh..... Happiness is a new massage chair for my birthday! Get the hint, Mr. Babams? After the demo, Chef Baini, Wawa and Mr. X posed for a picture for posterity's sake. You-know-who couldn't wait for CB to get out of the chair so he could have his turn!

Thus at the end, the obvious question was popped by The much for the chair? Mr. X answered that it normally retails for Ringgit Malaysia 17, 500 but because of the Chinese New Year holidays, it was on CNY sale for the incredible price RM 9,998 only.

"That's all? Okay. we'll get one now." was The Babams's rejoinder, much to the wide-eyed amazement of Chef Baini.

"...Er, darling, the chair is too heavy and bulky for us to carry back to the car; furthermore, I don't think it'll fit in the trunk..." Chef Baini quizzically told her husband.

The Babams fell silent for a moment. His brain was searching quickly for a solution.Then he opened his mouth and said:

"You know my dear, you're absolutely always! Young man, tell you what: Cancel the order...we'll take the portable hand unit instead!"

And that, dear friends, was how today's story ended! We got the hand unit that comes with 4 changeable heads (on a promotional price for RM 159 only!) and a car ionizer for RM 60 only! Trust The Babams to always find a way out!

That's all for today, dear friends! We hope you had fun reading today's post!

Chef Baini & The Babams wishes all our Chinese friends 'GONG XI FA CAI' for the year of the Rabbit. May love and good fortune favour you all!

Until next time!

Love always,

Chef Baini

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