Friday, February 4, 2011


Today a new chapter began in Chef Baini's career as she held her first class at the EZYMIX BAKERY. The Ezymix Bakery a new baking materials supply shop cum baking studio a little over 6 months old. It is located on Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur close to the Tesco Hypermarket and next to the Jalan Kuching/ MRR2 highway interchange. Chef Baini was invited to teach here by the proprietors last month (or last year!) and so Chef Baini gladly accepted their offer as Ezymix's new Visiting Chef.

So naturally, Chef Baini will do her bit to promote this new baking establishment to all her friends!

The theme of the Ezymix Bakery is green, or lime green to be more accurate. Almost everything you need for baking can be found here, and at reasonable prices too....

All their items are neatly organized and well can easily find what you require without much ado...

You can get kitchen utensils and baking equipment here too, for Ezymix prides itself on being a one-stop baking solutions centre.

They have chillers to store perishables line butter, cream etc.

Plus a host of packaging and wrapping materials...Its all here at the Ezymix Bakery...

So if you are in need of baking materials, essentials and utensils, please visit Ezymix, they are located on Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur just a stone's throw from the Jalan Kuching/ MRR2 interchange, next to the TESCO hypermarket!

But where is the Baking Studio, you ask? Well, dear friends, it's found at the room at the top of the stairs, which is at the nook of the shop.

The Room at the Top of the Stairs

Some of you country music fans may know very well the title of Eddie Rabbit's smash single of the 80's, 'The Room at the top of the Stairs'. Its a ballad on the romantic escapades of a man with his secret lover; the lyrics begin like this:

Well I know a place, where love comes easy...

Eddie Rabbit, American Country Music Superstar

And here is the man himself, Mr. Eddie Rabbit, in his prime!

Eddie Rabbit, American Country Music Singer in action.

Well darlin', there ain't no romance nor lovin' happening in this room at the top the stairs! Just a lot of hard, bone achin' work!

Well, the only man jack in this room was Mr. You-Know-Who..Who may fancy himself a Don Juan who can make the ladies swoon at one bat of his eyelash......

Well...maybe once upon a time! Definitely not anymore, ha-ha!

Now back to today's subject......

Today's class was about wedding cakes. It was more off an introduction to fondant, more than anything else. Chef Baini's class was made of freshies to the subject of fondant. But being new to the subject did not dampen the enthusiasm nor were they intimidated in any way, shape or form. The students today were Deva, Sazlina, Marina, Kak Teh, Kak Shidah and Kak Ros.

Chef Baini's customary approach of hands-on instruction and round the table watch lasted the whole day, as she tried to ensure all her students understood the delicate touches that fondant requires.

Here Kak Teh receives some finer points of laying the fondant cover over the cake...

Surprise, surprise! The owner and boss of the establishment, Ms. May joined in the fray too! She was quite an enthusiast! That goes to show that she is a true believer in the art and craft of baking, and not just a businesswoman hawking off her wares to all and sundry! Well done, May!

At 7pm, the class came to its end, and so it was time to go home. But not before everyone had made friends with one another on this day after Thaipusam. Chef Baini would like thank Deva, who attended this class despite it being the day after Thaipusam and she was fasting throughout the class as well.

May, Sazlina, Marina, Kak Teh, Chef Baini, Kak Shidah and Kak Ros, Deva.
Like the banner says, one great thing about this job is that Chef Baini gets to meet and make many new friends along every step of her journey. Its a job unlike any other. Chef Baini looks forward to return to the Ezymix Bakery soon and hopefully will meet some if not all of her new friends again!

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