Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It was a quiet Friday, the second day of the Lunar New Year, or in a more  common term, Chinese New Year. However, here at Norbaini Cakes it did not stay quiet for very long, for it came to be a busy day as Chef Baini hosted 8 students for the latest edition of the popular Cupcake Hantaran homeclass. Looking back, it must have been predestined to have 8 students on such and auspicious day. Think about it: It was the 2nd day of CNY; coincidently it fell on the Georgian or Solar calendar - that is the calendar that is used everyday - of the 4th day of the 2nd month. If you put those numbers together in a simple multiplication equation, it would come out as 4 X 2 = 8 ! Chef Baini isn't always into numerology but sometimes the correlation just can't be dismissed lightly!

 Call it karma, call it weird, call it synchronicity if you were a student of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist of the 19th and 20th century, call it what you like. It must have been a divine coincidence! Well, these ladies that showed up today were simply divine.... It definite was worth sacrificing a public holiday for!

So the class proceeded as soon as the last person arrived. Granted, Chef Baini's new location may not be as easy to find as the previous one but it is no less comfortable. Everyone fit right in, like a glove, and quickly they were off the starting block.

If you have ever attended a larger group class, you may have noticed that some people prefer to stand while they work, while others choose to sit down. You can see this phenomenon is the preceding picture too. Why this is so no one is exactly sure. Just as long as people are comfortable when they work, therefore they will become creative and productive, that's for certain. And so let us meet today's students.......

On the left is Dyana and on the right is Fatimah

Then there is Kak Jie, seated on the left. On the right, facing her directly is Kak Nor

Uh-oh! Fatimah is featured again! Here she is once more on the left. On the right, across the table is Hana.

The lady pointed by the orange arrow is Marina, who attended the Ezymix Bakery class recently.
The pink arrow is Suzanna and finally, the green arrow identified Lela.  

Now that we have met the lovely ladies, lets take a closer look at the fruits of their labour:

This one above is by Huda

 Suzanna did this, pictured above......

Then, we have Kak Nor's work above.....

This one (above) belongs to Lela......

 ....while Kak Jie's work is this.....

....next up is Marina, she did this one above......

...And finally, Fatimah did this last collection of cupcakes.

Chef Baini also selected a few samples for close-ups. Below are the individual pieces that were done by the students.....just for fun.....

Selected Sampes of Cupcake Hantaran

Well, that's it for today's blogpost, dear friends. There have been many, many requests for the Cupcake Hantaran class. Chef Baini is arranging another one for next month, that is the month of March, 2011.If you would like to attend and learn how cupcakes are made the Chef Baini way, look out for Chef Bani's March 2011 Schedule of Classes, which will be posted on this blog very, very soon. 

See you next time, and thank you so much for viewing today's blogpost!

Love always,

Chef Baini.

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