Sunday, February 6, 2011


Salam, Dear Friends!

Chef Baini and family returned to Pengkalan Balak, Malacca, for their annual holiday getaway. It was just 3 days before the Chinese New Year, When they got there, they found the beach resort almost deserted and the Chalet Darul Islah, where they usually stay, empty! Chef Baini and family had the place all to themselves! It was certainly a holiday in solitude, filled with nothing but peace and quiet! Just what the doctor ordered! So to capture this feeling of silence, for a change, today's blog post will feature no words; instead it displays selected black and white photographs that Chef Baini took. It's Chef Baini's first foray as an amateur photographer! So without further ado, Norbaini Cakes proudly presents Norbaini Rahwi's pictorial essay. Enjoy!

Chalet Darul Islah

Jonker's Walk

Sunset at seaside, Pengkalan Balak

 Still Life at Seaside

That's all, dear friends! 
Thank you so much for visiting today's blog.
See you again, real soon!

Love from Malacca,

Norbaini Rahwi.

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