Monday, March 28, 2011


Chef Baini is back at the Bagus Bakery in Shah Alam to teach fondant decoration. This time she has 8 friends, most of them new ones who made time on this Sunday to learn from Chef Baini. This class like the one in Kajang just 2 weeks ago has a male participant also. Chef Baini is always delighted to have men come to her class.....its like  good luck, though Chef Baini is not the superstitious sort!

The senior staffer Soo from the Bagus Bakery Shah Alam came up at he beginning of the class to see if everything is in order and to confirm the attendance for the day. That's because there was a walk-in who did not register for the class earlier. Not that Thye Bagus Bakery minded, bit they have to get the record of the class attendance right!

So everyone was spaced out to make an island desk for herself. This enabled Chef Baini to walk freely around the desk and not interrupt hes students as they worked on their cakes. It definitely makes for an easier working environment!

So without further ado, lets meet today's friends....

On the left is Kak Nor while on the right is Zati

Now the two young ladies above are indentical twins by different parents....
(that just means that they are close friends!).
On the left is Angeline while on the right is Evonne

And surprise! We have a young man in attendance today!
His name is Farhan

Here is Victoria, who lives nearby. She likes purple!

This one is Lin; she prefers pink....
But Lin decided to play class prefect today, he
came up a few times to check on the class...perhaps today's class
was a little noisy!

So lets see what today's class poduced: here they are:

Soon it was time to say goodbye. But you-know-who had to showm up to remind everyone not to forget any of their personal belongings. Its his subtle way to tell everyone to clean up after themselves!

Now these to girls pulled a rabbit out of the hats when they somehow 'magically' produced their cake out of thin air! If such a thing was possible, then there would be no need for Chef Baini....and every other Chef in the whole wide world! Including the world wide web! They systematically organised all the components of their cakes much so that you got the impression that they were really, really slacking...then all of a sudden they put everything together, the roses, the lacework, the cloth cover, everything, and lo and behold the cake is finished in two shakes of a duck's tail! What a technique! Well done girls!

So as the class ended, its picture taking time for the albums, blogspot, tumblr, friendster, picasa, facebook, twitter, what-have-you! Chef Baini's official phtograper had time to take just these two, but so did all Chef Baini's friends! And the staff at the Bagus Bakery Shah Alam were sporting enough to take their picture with Chef Baini as well!

That's all for today's blogpost, dear friends! Chef Baini hopes you had fun reading it as much as Chef Baini had writing it. So until next time, take care, ok?

Love always,

Chef Baini