Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It was a wet Satuday morning that grew up into a wet, wet Saturday afternoon. Yesterday was a hot and sunny Malaysian day, and Chef Baini hosted 6 friends at the Bagus Bakey Taman Melawati. Now this whole month of March Chef Baini decided to offer an introduction course to fondant by way of the 1 tier wedding cake. Chaf Baini as delighted to discover ther was no shortage of interest although almost all of her sthudents this month were newbies. Now the Bagus Bakery Studio at Taman Melawati was a little cramped and even Jannah, little as she was, had to squeeze through whatever the space there was between the people and the furniture.

Things did not get any better for when when her big-sized dad showed up! In fact, the Babams was a little surprised at the attendance because he was informed of a smaller group of people would occupy the class today. Not that Chef Baini minded having more people over, but the Babams was afraid that there might not be enough material to go around. The Babams needn't have worry, for the studio is part of the bakery store. if there was a shortage of materials, why, the remedy was just outside the door!

Jannah was available today to help mom out with the work. You may not have noticed it but Jannah's getting bigger and bigger. By next year she may very well be bigger than mom! Its very doubtful that Jannah might get as big as her dad, though! Come to think of it, Chef Baini would be the smallest member of her family. The only one smaller than her would be the family cat, John Cena!

As usual, every had to learn the Chef Baini way, and that is the hard way! Chef Baini does not believe in shortcuts. The no other way but the right way to learn the fundamentals of fondant decoration. Because if you don't get it right, it will definitely show. People love to examine the fondant covered cake up close and when they do they will spot any cracks and missed-out edges that are there.

That's the standard measure of a fondant covered wedding cake: Perfection! Sounds tough, doesn't it? That's why fondant covered cakes are expensive; they are very labour intensive and time consuming to make. Another factor in fondant cake making is PATIENCE. Like all works of art, no amount of natural talent can substitute hard work and the willingness to learn.

Of course, Chef Baini has to give as much attention to every one of her students! After all, they are newbies! Take a look at what they created; its all worth the effort!

This one is by Ayu

Here is Manja touching up creation.

This cake with the pick roses is Suzi's creation.

While this one with the royal yellow is done by Ana

The most senior of today's group is Auntie Gina whom, despite her seniority,
proved very skilled at cake decoration. She was the first to finish, putting
her younger friends to shame!

The picture above is a close-up of Auntie's work.

Now the pictures above and below shows Ayu and her creation.
She opted for a light purple or lavender rose theme.

As usual, Chef Baini has to go around showing her students
the finer touches that make all the difference....

Lastly, this lovely lady Kak Zaitun decked out in orange chose the
classic red, red rose theme. She can't go wrong there!

 Many people might be afraid to make mistakes. In Chef Baini's class, people make mistakes all the time. But it is by not being afraid to make mistakes that we learn; its no different in anything else that we do nor anywhere that we choose to do it.

So that's all for today's blog post, dear friends! Wouldn't you know it, the rains stopped just ten minutes after class ended, which was about 6.30pm. So everyone went home dry!

Thanks so much for visiting today's blog, dear friends; until next time....

Love always,

Chef Baini

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