Sunday, March 6, 2011


Goodness gracious, it seems like ages since Chef Baini last visited the Bagus Bakery at Shah Alam. When Chef Baini showed up for class on this day, Chef Baini was greeted with an incredulous "Chef Baini! You're alive!" . Hee-hee! That's right, folks! Chef Baini is alive and kicking! Nice to see that everyone there still has their sense of humour! 

When class time came, only three friends showed up. Despite the no-shows, the Norbaini Cakes Show must go on and Chef Baini decided to proceed with what few students were there! Chef Baini couldn't bring it upon herself to disappoint the three who showed up today.

Now today's class was on the very popular Kebaya Cake; in fact, tomorrow's class due to be held at the Bagus Bakery at Kajang is to be on Kebaya Cakes also! Not to mention that Chef Baini has another Kebaya Cake class scheduled for the coming weekend too! It seems that the Kebaya Cake is very, very popular indeed!

So without further ado, lets meet the three diehard Kebaya Cake fans who came all the way today to learn from Chef Baini.

First is Kak Su
You will notice that the fondant dough she is kneading is green,
very much like the colour of her blouse and headscarf!

Next up is Kak Ani

And last but not least is Siti
You will notice that her cake is bright blue (cyan) while her
blouse in red; redder than a robin's redbreast!

Now, Chef Baini doesn't teach decoration on dummies usually. But due to the time constraint here at the Bagus Bakery, and indeed at all bakery studios, Chef Baini is left with no choice but to have these ladies decorate the Styrofoam dummy. the outer effect is the same, though. Unless you cut the cake with a knife, or lift it up, you probably wouldn't know that its a dummy cake!

The picture above shows Kak Su laying on the fondant sheet.....

Then we have Ani piping on the lacework on her cake.......

And here above is Kak Ani putting on the finishing touches on her cake.

Although the cake is a dummy, Chef Baini gave a cake block of prune buttercake to all her students. Together with the recipe for the cake, of course!

As the students built their cakes, Chef Baini did hers also, just to better illustrate how exactly it is done. What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

This white Kebaya is by Chef Baini....

The one in green is by Kak Su, of course...

Not to be outdone, Ani's cake is in blue (cyan)
Notice that she made her label in pink to stand out against the blue....

And finally, Kak Ani's cake tops off the cakes for today.

Chef Baini thinks that each of the three today did an outstanding job on the Kebaya Cake. Just look at the many folds of the sleeves. It lends that extra bit of realism to the cake. Though it may look really good, it can't be eaten! (they are Styrofoam, remember?)

That's it for today's blog post, dear friends! Chef Baini hopes that you enjoyed reading about and looking at the cakes that were made today. Be sure to read the next blog, 'cos its like a Part II of a Kebaya Cake Weekend!

Until tomorrow's post,

Love always,
 Chef Baini.

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