Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today's blog post is Part II of the Kebaya Cake Weekend Show!

Just 24 hours ago, Chef Baini was at the Bagus Bakery in Shah Alam teaching a few students about the Kebaya Cake. Today, Chef Baini drove across the KlangValley in the opposite direction to Kajang, where she had a few students waiting for her.

Now, every Malaysian would have you know that Kajang is the premier satay town in this country. Satay is a famous Malaysian treat; its pieces of meat (beef, chicken, tripe, venison, veal, rabbit) on skewers barbecued on an open flame that is fed with charcoal, seasoned with spices and lemongrass,and is usually eaten with thick peanut sauce. A close equivalent would be the Japanese Yakitori, or the ubiquitous Kebab, from the Middle East. Ain't nothing like the Malaysian version, though!!!

As you might have guessed, the Satay capital of Malaysia is a bustling little town on a Sunday, so Chef Baini had a tough time finding a parking lot for her jalopy! The commercial centre where the Bagus Bakery at Kajang is was jammed packed with cars and people!

And an unexpected surprise at today's class also.....its a rare day when a man showed up to attend the class here at Norbaini Cakes. Today's class was graced by the presence of Zulkifli, or Zul, for short. He drove all the way from Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan to join Chef Baini's class today. Negeri Sembilan is a neighbouring state, you see......

Young Zul is an entrepreneur who sells tarts and cakes.
He proved to be quite deft with fondant, too.

Next is this pretty lass by the name of Iza...

And we have Ms. Lee, whom ironcally,
lives not too far away from Chef Baini's house....

Here is Mastura, working on her cake.....

Here is Zul once again, decorating his cake,
in the colour of the royal yellow....

It's nice to have a man about the house, especially when he's the helpful sort!
Here Zul gives a helping hand to Kak Shidah

Lastly, there is Liza who appeared to be very
focused in being as precise as humanly possible.....

And after the lunch break, class proceed smoothly with the decoration of the Kebaya Cakes. Below are the cakes that today's students produced.

This one above is by Liza

Miss Lee did hers in this beautiful lavender hue....

This one in blue is by Mastura

This one in green is by Iza

 And this one in the royal yellow is by Zul.

And of course, this one in pink is by Kak Shida

Chef Baini hopes that you have not grown weary of the Kebaya Cake, because she loves teaching them as much as her students love learning about them. If you would like to learn about Kebaya Cakes, just contact Chef Baini! You might have just as much fun as everyone else who attended this class had! And Chef Baini believed that today's batch did just as well as yesterday's! Wouldn't you like to see if you can do just as well if not better?

That's for you to decide and for all of us here at Norbaini Cakes Blogspot would love to see, too!

That's all for today, dear friends! See you again real soon. Until then, take care!

Love always,
Chef Baini.

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