Thursday, March 17, 2011


Chef Baini hopes that you had a terrific week. Chef Baini's weekend was busy as usual, The household was a beehive of activity with many, many friends that dropped in to learn about cakes. Today's friends were here to learn about wedding cakes and cupcakes for the 'hantaran'. The three friends that came were 1)Kak Hary2)Nurul and 3)Kak Ana .

Here they are below hard at work....

Of course, flowers are an integral part of cake decoration; what more wedding cakes! Its the same for the cupcake hantaran too!

Below is a picture of  ida adjusting the surface of her cake, making sure it is as flat as possible...

You may have attended a few classes at any bakery studio...but its just not the same as a homeclass! At a homeclass, you can take your time, you can chit-chat whilst you work; in short, you can let your hair down and be yourself! There's no time limit here at Norbaini Cakes, you finish when you are ready.... and in a relaxed environment, chances are that you'll be under less pressure and naturally will produce a better result!

Plus, it's always funner (that's a word coined from the movie 'Legally Blonde' starring Reese Witherspoon) shooting the breeze with friends old and new!

Now you don't have to be blonde to have fun here at Norbaini Cakes! Most of you can figure out that Chef Baini isn't one herself! Now people love to have popcorn while watching movies, but there nothing anywhere that says you can't have cupcakes while watching movies too!

Here are pictures of the cupcakes that were made today!

Not to be outdone, here are pictures of the wedding cakes that were done today, in an orange-and-white theme. Inside, the cake is an orange-and-chocolate chip cake, so you can say it's a little orange on the outside and a little orange on the inside!

That;s all for today's blog, dear friends! Chef Baini hopes that you had fun reading it. Chef Baini will try to make future blogs funner too, if it is at all possible, without getting too ridiculous!

Until next time,

Love always,
Chef Baini.

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