Saturday, March 12, 2011


Salam once again, dear friends!
You may not have heard of nor seen the AROMA magazine in the newsstands. Neither had Chef Baini when the magazine first contacted her a few weeks back. This magazine is a publication that is new to the market; Chef Baini was pleasantly delighted and grateful when the magazine's editors invited Chef Baini to be a part of the March 2011 issue. The magazine offered Chef Baini four pages of which two must be dedicated to Chef Baini's recipes for cakes.

The magazine is a sort of culinary tabernacle (or perhaps wikipedia would be more appropriate in today's jargon) where it features recipes and cooking techniques contributed by fellow epicureans.So Chef Baini decided to contribute her Prune Orange Cake recipe and the traditional Kebaya cake for the magazine's readership.
For the featured article, Chef Baini made the Prune Orange Cake in the form of the Sirih Junjung engagement/ wedding cake, which has become very popular recently. And of course, the ubiquitous Kebaya Cake in Chef Bani's style is extracted from the magazine's pages in the picture below.
The second part of the deal is a two-page spread as the Selected-Chef-of-the-Month feature. Its a short bio on Chef Baini's fledgling career up to today.....
Chef Baini's story is condensed on these two pages; minus all the nonsensical parodies that were in Chef Baini's first retrospective blog naturally!

That's all for today's blog post, dear friends, Chef Baini's hopes that you had fun reading it. Do look out for the magazine, friends; there are a lot of recipes in there for you to have a go on; its not just about Chef Baini, you know.

Its all about sharing, and caring enough to share.

Take care, until the next post,

Love always,

Chef Baini


  1. salam... congrats.. dah jadi celebrity chef nih... :-)

  2. Thanks Roza, mana adanya celebrity my dear.. he3 roza pun apa kurang nya hari tu kat dalam newspaper itupun enn yg informed.. Congrats!..hopefully satu hari nanti kita smua akan mandapat kejayaan..insyaallah