Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Salam, Dear Friends!

Welcome to another Norbaini Cakes blog post!

The delicious cupcakes class has become very, very popular of late. Why, in this month of April alone, Chef Baini has conducted 4 classes at home and at the Bagus Bakeries....The recipes are Chef Baini's creation and by all accounts are great tasting!

 The homeclasses are semi hands-on because there are many students so a complete hands-on class would be some students volunteer to come to the head of the class to do the hand-on part, while the others watch and learn.....

 Since the class is on delicious cupcakes, the focus is getting the recipes and baking right so it will tastes great....and less emphasis on how the cupcake look.....
This means that the classes finish quickly relative to the Cupcake Hantaran which is a cake decoration class...

As the saying goes, the more the everyone had a rock n' rollin' time!

Straight to the box the cupcakes go!
Here are what today's students produced.....

Well, why not you have a go at it yourself? 

Just call Chef Baini for the next class! 
Morning coffee, lunch and evening tea are 
served in the comfort of Chef Baini's home!

That's all for today, dear friends!
Until next time, 
love always.

Chef Baini.

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