Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Salam, dear friends!

Chef Baini is back again with another fancy cookies homeclass. Well, it seemed to be quite some time since Chef Baini held her last fancy cookies homeclass. In fact, it was about a month ago because nowadays, Chef Baini has them once in a month. It depends on the requests that she receives, also!

As you would have expected, today's class was another full house. Naturally, at most fancy cookies classes, little  chef-in-training Jannah will always be around because little girls love making the fancy cookies. As you can see also, the rest of the attendees  were all little girls too, all grown up and some of them retired!

Its always a hands-on session whenever Chef Baini runs a homeclass!
First, everyone gathers around the Chef as she shows exactly how its done.....

Then everyone sits back at their chosen spot and go at it themselves...
Chef Baini makes her walkabout ( like a sort if school marm!) 
keeping an eyes on how each student makes their cookies....

Notice that everyone has all their materials and tools organised and laid out properly....
This is very important as discipline is the key to the success of any endeavour.

So at the end of the day (or class), these were the fancy cookies that were produced; 
the well deserved fruits of hard work! ( Each picture is a collection of the
work of each student)

But today, Chef Baini thought it would be fun if several outstanding cookies
were given some prominence, all by themselves! 
Just to highlight their outstanding qualities and character....

Lastly, you know that fancy cookies make great gifts, 
whether at the door or at anywhere else!
So here is what they look like all wrapped up....
minus the decorative ribbons that really
ought to be here as well! Oh dear!

That's all for today, dear friends! Chef Baini really hopes that you had fun checking out today's
blog. Should you want to have a go at the fancy cookies yourself, just drop Chef Baini a line
either at the handphone or at the email address! Thanks so much for dropping by!

Until next time,
Love always,

Chef Baini.

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