Monday, August 8, 2011


Today, Chef Baini hosted a small group of friends who dropped in to learn about the Delicious Cakes collection. it was another day of mirth, especially when we had a gentleman in our midst! You know what a gentleman is, of course.....A gentleman is a man who loves getting bullied when surrounded by women that he dare not fight! So naturally the class elected him as the full-time assistant for Chef Baini!

Now as you would have expected of Chef Baini, the class went by pretty quickly, since the Delicious Cakes are simple and  easy. Plus they are as delicious, if not more than, their name! Here you can see Chef Baini's loyal assistant standing by her side always.... You know, despite his big broad smile, can you help but wonder if he'd rather change the engine oil of his car instead!

Now what manner of man who doesn't like being the centre of attention of lovely ladies? 

However, Chef Baini did push him to the limit by ordering him around and about until the sun started to set! You know Chef, you may bully your husband that way, but not someone else's husband! Ha-ha!

Ok, so at the mid of the afternoon, the cakes were done. You know what they are: The California Orange Cheesecake, the Date and Prune Cake, the Tiramisu, the Steamed Fruitcake and the Moist Chocolate Cake! Here, please have a look!

So that's it for today, everyone! 
Hope you had a good time reading today's blog!
Until next time,

Love always.

Chef Baini.

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