Monday, August 8, 2011


Salam once more, dear friends!

You remember Chef Baini's friend May...she owns the Ezymix Bakery on Jalan Kuching. Well, she has moved her store to a new location. Since she has settled down, she once again called on Chef Baini to prepare a class for her clientele. What else can Chef Baini do but say yes! Plus Chef Baini is a little curious too...She wants to check out Ms. May's new shop!

Well, it looked pretty much like the original, resplendent with Ms. May's signature lime green colour! So Chef Baini won't bore you with the photos of the store, and head straight to the class! Today's class was on 
Chef Baini's signature Cupcake Hantaran class.

It was a well attended class... interestingly enough there were a few young un's who turned up....since they all sat together, they must be friends! It is a joy every time to have kids show up for the class. for it gives hope to Chef Baini that a new generation of cake decorators are not short in supply to 
take over when the time comes!

Or what new skills and techniques the new generation will come up with to take the art of cake decoration to the next level! It warms the heart every time to see them so engrossed in what they are doing, for one day some of them will stand at the head of the class where Chef Baini stands today. And that day will come sooner than you think! Time does fly, doesn't it?

Now that doesn't mean that Chef Baini gets to pay less attention to the traditional student....
Here she is bossing them around as usual!

Normally Chef Baini shows everyone just exactly how it is done and today was no different.

For Chef Baini, it is very important that all her students understand fully what cake decoration is all about. if Chef Baini has to pay personal attention to any student in order for them to get it right, she will do so.

Even if the student is the owner of shop!
Especially if the student is the owner of the shop!


This is a lovely piece bu one of the students...Its a single yellow rose that adorns a cupcake. The petals are exquisitely rolled. Its hard to believe that a student did this on her first class.

Well, that's all for today's class, dear friends! As is the norm, Chef Baini closes off her blog posts with pictures of her students work. but since there are many students today, Chef Baini has decided to group them in fours....Just like how they sat in class!

So that's all for today, everyone! Thanks for dropping by! And fret not,
this won't be the last time Chef Baini has a class at the Ezymix Bakery!

Until next time, please take care!

Love always,

Chef Baini.


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