Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More delicious cakes! 
It seems like Chef Baini has come up with more new delicious cakes and they are all available to be taught in classes! Have a look at them new cakes shall we?

Here we have the Charlotte Chocolate Cheesecake

Have a slice, because you deserve it

Over here is the Chocolate Mud Cheesecake
And here is a slice for you 

Now this is the Espresso Cheesecake

And more delicious cake slices

This is a Kiwi cake slice

This, on the other hand is a Lychee cake slice

Down here is the Peach Cheesecake

And as usual, a cake slice

And finally...
The Swiss Caramel Cheesecake!

Obvious cake slice is obvious

So anyways, all these cakes are available to be taught in classes. If you are interested, let us know!

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