Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Cakes Class 7th December 2011

Its been awhile since we had a wedding cakes class. In fact, its been months since I've seen a wedding cakes class. Its all delicious cakes and stuff lately. But now that we have witnessed the return of the wedding cakes, have some cakes that the students made!

Below are the cakes Monica made

And below here are the ones Emma made

And then we have Nora and her cakes below here

Ah, nice and simple 2-tier wedding cakes. Simple, yet elegant.
And below we can see our students hard at work, perfecting their cakes

Emma, hard at work I see

Monica, 100% focused on decorating the cake

and finally, Nora down here, applying her 'personal touch' to her cakes

Well, thats it for now.
I hope the students had a good time learning to make these wedding cakes.
Up next.... more delicious cake?

With love, Norbaini Rahwi


  1. Hi Mari! how do u do?.. miss u so much..tqvm dear

  2. annie deen..hi3 terer studnts ni kan...