Sunday, January 1, 2012

Personal Class on 29th December 2011 with Lin Khairul and Azlindah

You guessed it. More delicious cakes, and this time, they're personal classes. On the 29th December, Chef Baini hosted 2 different personal classes at the same time, so don't mistake it for a normal group class.
So have some cakes.
Below are the results from Azlindah, the first student

The Chocolate Indulgence cake

Here, have a slice

 The Butterscotch Cheese Cake 

and the complimentary slice

Over here, we have Lin Khairul and her cakes

Italian Rainbow Cake and the cake slice below

Italian Black and White

Self explanatory
But this post wouldn't be complete without pictures of those two students who came here from far away to learn from Chef Baini... so here we go

This is Lin Khairul and she is currently busy perfecting her Italian Buttercream cake

And over here, Azlindah focused 100% on making her Chocolate Indulgence cake

and an extra picture for no reason

Well thats it for now, see you later!

With love, Norbaini Rahwi

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