Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Roll Cakes and Slice Cakes

Bored of delicious cakes? Then try these new roll and slice cakes!
Much more compact and just as delicious, learning this would be an opportunity you would not want to miss!

Introducing, the new rolls and slice cakes which are available to be taught from now on
 Blueberry Roll
All the blueberry goodness... wrapped in a roll form... what more do I need to say?

Peach Roll
If you love peaches, you'll love this. 

 Choc Hazelnut
Chocolate Hazelnut.. good stuff I tell you

 Kiwi Slice
Kiwi fruits are actually pretty nice, so is this slice cake!

 Benjy Roll
Simple, yet delicious

 Laici Slice
Oh yes, that's Laici all right. 

Opera Roll
Remember the delicious Opera cake? Well we have it in the form of a roll cake now! Haha!

So anyways, if you are interested to learn this cakes, don't be shy... Contact us!

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