Saturday, May 28, 2011


Salam Happy Holidays, dear friends!
Welcome to Norbaini Cakes!

The mid-year school holidays are upon us once again and many families have made plans for a holiday some time back, now is the time to make it happen! Chef Baini is sure that all of her friends' children are very excited to enjoy their holidays! Like most other people, Chef Baini has made holiday plans too, and she will share them with you at the end of today's blog. Today being a Friday, you can bet your bottom dollar that at the end of the day Kuala Lumpur will be swamped with cars headed out! It appears many people just can't wait to leave town!

Well, today Chef Baini has friends over, friends who came to learn with Chef Baini on how to bake and make the Delicious Cupcakes. Chef Baini is delighted that some of her friends chose to begin their holidays with a visit to Chef Baini first and foremost!

The Delicious Cupcakes (and Delicious Cakes also) have become very popular classes for NORBAINI CAKES, though NORBAINI CAKES began as a place for instruction for cake decoration. But we all have to move with the times and give the people what they want! Plus, if you were to balik kampung for the holidays, what better 'buah tangan' {or hand fruits(!)} you can bring {to your loved ones back at the kampung} than the delicious cupcakes than you baked with your own hands!

Then, these gifts will literally mean the 'buah tangan' - Malay idiom for gifts or presents - because the cupcakes are the fruits of labour of your own hands!

Be warned! Make a few boxes for yourselves too, because these cupcakes are good for snacking! Especially while driving!

The cupcakes are really easy to make.....many of you have seen these pictures many times before....
They are so easy to make so much so that the Delicious Cupcakes class usually end much, much quicker than most other NORBAINI CAKES classes! Which is a good thing nowadays that the evenings are rained out here in KL!

Here at NORBAINI CAKES, you can work in pairs, too, if you like! Well, who wouldn't! Its more fun, isn't it! Which is an added bonus at NORBAINI CAKES: the opportunity to make new friends! All too quickly, we have come to the end of the class. Please take a look at the delicious cupcakes that Chef Baini's friends today made:

Above is the first five of friends......
While below are the second five of friends!

Notice how consistent the cakes are in looks and quality!
Its really important that everyone is at an even keel!

Well, that's it for today's blog, dear friends! Yes, it was a rather short blog....because it was a rather short class! You didn't expect Chef Baini to ramble on and on, do you? Hey, didn't you know? School's out! The holidays have begun!

Love ya! BB y y  e e   e ........!  

P.S. Chef Baini will be away on holiday on the second week of June. Where? Well, stick around to find out! Chef Baini will blog as she's on holiday! Its a live blog, so its like being with Chef Baini on holiday! Love to all! Take care!

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