Monday, June 6, 2011


Salam, dear friends!

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays!

Today's blog post is a relatively short one showcasing some of my newest cake commissions. This one is a Topsy-turvy Cake ordered by Chef Baini's good friend Kak Sharifah. Chef Baini prepared a simple black-white-grey theme with stripes at the bottom and polka dots at the top for a strong contrast that best embodies the polar opposites concept of the Topsy-turvy Cake. Oops! And the stars floating above, of course!~

These two sets of cupcakes were made by Chef Baini for her friend Nilam. Incidentally, Nilam's son Nadim attends the same school as Chef Baini's eldest son Ariff. They have known each other since primary school and that is how Chef Baini became friends with Nilam! Its because their children were friends!

The Pastry Basket and the Wedding Cake below are a wedding gift package commission by another one of Chef Baini's friends Zetty Hanani. Zetty wanted  them as a wedding hantaran package for her relative.

Of course, the Pastry Basket would include the delicious pineapple fruit tarts. That's pineapple on the inside, of course!

Zetty's simple one tier fondant wedding cake looks like this:

Its a simple yet elegant cake with pearl coloured roses on top. Plus a little bit of gilding on the side, naturally! That added a touch of 'Old World' style!

This is a surprise addition! Last Saturday, Chef Baini held a class for the Barbie Doll Cake. Unfortunately for Chef Baini, it was ill-timed, for hardly anyone took up the offer. After all, the school holidays had begun and everyone whem Chef Baini knew wanted to get an immediate start on the holidays....Everyone except Zana, that is! She showed up and refused to leave until Chef Baini finished the class! So it ended up with a One Girl Class! So Zana can now claim to be The Princess of The Day! After all, there can only be 1 princess!

Seriously, Zana did a fantastic job. The Babams really should have photographed a close-up so you can see the texture on the skirt. Zana coated the skirt with gloss, so the pink sheen really does look like satin.

 Well done, Zana!
Or maybe we should bell her Princess Zana!

Well, that's all for today's blog, dear friends. Chef Baini will be in Singapore from June 6th to June 13th, for a working session cum holiday. Don't worry, Chef Baini will definitely share with you her big Singapore Holiday Adventure! It will be a change from Malacca!

Until next time,

Love always!

Chef Baini.

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