Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It seems like ages since Chef Baini blogged...actually, it's been a little over a month! It was the school holidays  and Chef Baini and family took off to Singapore for a week for a well deserved holiday break. Some of you may know that Chef Baini has plenty of relatives in Singapore and she has plenty to catch-up with them!

Plus, Ariff and Jannah haven't seen their cousins in the same length of time! But more of that later.....

Being Chef Baini, she couldn't escape completely with the baker & shaker brand stamped on her forehead. So Chef Baini made a special Sirih Junjung Wedding & Engagement Cake class held at a friend's flat...Well, if the mountain couldn't come to Chef Baini, Chef Baini must go to the mountain...passport in hand, of course!

There weren't that many people; only three! But they were so keen to learn Chef Baini found it impossible to say no. Anyway, since the second week of the Malaysian school holidays coincided with the first week of the Singaporean school holidays, everyone had plenty of time on their hands. So you can imagine that the class went by at a very, very leisurely pace.

That suited both the Malaysian and Singaporean sensibilities perfectly! Ha-ha! So you can see, Malaysians and Singaporeans can get along!

These ladies had a good time leaning the tricks of the Sirih Junjung Cake....

Leaf by leaf, the 'Junjung' begins to take shape....

One must not forget the little flowerettes to adorn the cake too.... its the details that make it stand out!

Above is a picture of how to assemble the bouquet of fondant roses to crown the cake....And the final results can bee seen in the following pictures below!

Since Chef Baini was supposed to be on holiday, it was the only class that she conducted over the entire week! And the last day of her stay was to attend the wedding of one of her cousins! So Chef Baini still had a mission to finish while she was there. But more on that later!

Thanks for dropping in to read today's blog post, dear friends! Please drop in again to read more of Chef Baini's Great Singapore Adventure!

Love always,

Chef Baini.

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