Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The holiday getaway was great, but so was coming back home! Less than a week after Chef Baini got back from Singapore, she's back in action with another of her popular Delicious Cupcake class. Ever since she started the Delicious Cupcake class, requests for the class have been flooding in. Sometimes she has to make 2 classes in a month!

Today's class was no different....many friends popped in, some new, some regulars, to learn from Chef Baini the Delicious Cupcakes. So Chef Baini began with a little talk or briefing on cupcake making...

And of course, Chef Baini demonstrates herself, assisted by a volunteer, on the step-by-step approach on cupcake making...

Hey! Did you notice that the volunteer is a man? Its one of the rare days when a man comes over to learn to bake! And an England fan too, most likely!

Here he is again, hard at work...

Then he takes his seat to do his set of cupcakes, just like everybody else!

Today, Chef Baini let another volunteer lead the way for the rest of the class! Kinda like being a Chef herself.

She looks very comfortable handling the class all by herself!

While the rest take copious notes....

But soon enough everybody gets the hang of it and all Chef Baini needs to do now is get out of the way!

Quickly and surely, everyone is done and here are the fruits of their labour....

Ha-ha! Looks like someone forgot to put her cupcakes in the box before taking the picture!

All too soon we have come to end of the blog post. Chef Baini hopes that by reading this blog, you will get a feel of what you will go through and achieve if you attend a Chef Baini homeclass. And the Delicious Cupcakes are a great introduction to baking....even for men!

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